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Working on developing a 2-day workshop series for women. This is happening in Bonifacio Global City, Manila, Philippines. (Read Below)

AWAKEN: Women’s Discovery to Personal Power

What is personal power? A sense of confidence in your own skin, certainty in your decisions, and self-love overflowing from the inside out.

Awaken is a 2-day experiential course designed for women to master their emotional energy, and step into their sense of personal power. With trained facilitators and coaches leading you through a series of discussions and reflective exercises, Awaken aims to help women unlock limiting beliefs, and empower them to design their dream life.

This course is designed for women who are:

– Struggling with multiple roles in both the personal and professional areas
– Feeling overwhelmed and anxious
– Seeking a fuller sense of self-love
– Feeling uninspired and stuck in life
– Seeking success in the areas of health, relationships, career and purpose.

This course equips you with tools for:

– Identify key emotions and strategies on managing your reactions and behaviour.
– Release negative emotions (ie. fear, anger, sadness) that stop you from moving forward
– Take responsibility for your life versus falling into victimhood.

– Build and nurture relationships through the courage of giving and receiving feedback and holistic communication
– Develop healthy relationships surrounding in the personal and professional fields.
– Effortlessly build rapport when connecting with clients

– Learn about wealth consciousness and the ability to increase your income
– Learn about the power of habits and the importance of creating a daily structure
– Understand how support systems work, and how to develop your own women’s circle.

Event Details:
May June 8 -9, 2019 (Saturday and Sunday)
Time: 9am onwards (Registration starts at 8am)
Venue: TBD

Register Here:

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  1. Jie says:

    Hi, Victoria. You are inspiring. I used to read your posts but been quite busy lately. This is wonderful but I’m afraid I am too late. Are you going to have a book or anything available online about this? I would love to read it.

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