Reflect: An Exercise in Being Seen

A few thoughts: I started blogging almost 20 years ago. I was 16 in high school. I kept a Xanga account, a livejournal account, multiply, MySpace, Friendster, Tumblr, you name it.

Throughout the years I have shifted and changed my identity because I kept changing who I was to please people around me.Me.mutmuted my voice alot

But also, I grew up. I changed and grew out of old identities and discovered new things about myself that I did like. It’s normal we all evolve.

Even the content of my older older blogs were trying to be something I was not. Right now, after turning 35, I have found peace in my own voice and am at ease expressing myself without the need for validation.

I just hope you like the new energy coming out. And I hope we keep learning new things along the way.

Xo, V

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  1. Bianca says:

    Go V!!! And yes to Xanga. OG internet natives unite!!!

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