Reflect: Success is Living Happily

IMG_3246My booker, Allan, and I in the Calcarries’ Philippines office.

I get it now. I get all the lessons my agency was trying to teach me years ago.

When I was starting out, I used to believe that fame equals success. That without it, my career is worthless. The bouts of sadness after castings would haunt me, making me obsess over what could have been done better. “Don’t be so hard on yourself,” I would constantly hear. To not pressure yourself or to not compare are easier said than done, especially when the world you work in thinks that the barometer for success is based on the number of print ads/commercials you do, the followers you have, and the number of likes on your instagram post.

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Watch: How To Change The World & Live Your Purpose w/ Adam Braun

Marie Forleo is my unofficial mentor, who has this incredible talent for communicating advice for business and life issues for the next generation.

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Covet: Ivy Kirzhner Pyramid Pumps

bone-side_grande Back when I was still working in retail, I met Ivy Kirzhner during one of her business trips to Manila; she was then the designer for a shoe line the store was carrying. Fast forward to a few years later, and I see her at the Empire Hotel in New York, launching her very own line. (I then decided to interview her for Status Magazine, and trust me, her story is amazing.) Her design aesthetic is everything a goddess should wear, just like this piece from her Spring/Summer 2014 collection: The Pyramid Pump.

Read: The 4-Hour Workweek

4hww_cover-1Three years ago, I was on a stop over in Melbourne when I picked up this book at the airport. The rest of the flight back to Manila, I was hooked. I remember being the only person with the light on, sitting in the middle row, all curled up, underlining the key sentences on every page.

The 4-Hour Workweek was the reason why I look at life with a thirst for what I want to experience as my priority. It snapped me out of a miserable rat race I was in, forcing me to truly look at what I want vs. the pressure of competing at a game I never really wanted to win. #knowwhatImean

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Covet: Banago Bags

PageImage-510166-3552265-071612_BanagoLookBook_12This Covet post is dedicated to my superwoman friend, Renée Patron. I first met Renée a few years ago in Boracay; there was something about her laid-back vibe, and genuine energy that made it very effortless to talk to her.

Back then, she had just started working on her bag and home accessories line called Banago. Her story was so interesting, that I interviewed her for The Philippine Inquirer.

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Photos: TS Love and Basketball



Just got back from the Boracay! Spent a few days there for my sister’s wedding. Teresa and Sean got married on a lovely sunny afternoon on 03.06.2014 underneath a teepee of dream catchers.

‘Twas beautiful… so beautiful. The guests flew in from Canada, The US, The UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, and of course, within the Philippines. Looking back, I can’t imagine having a better week bringing together all the people we love, getting sandy, and dancing on one beach.

My Photo Diary after the Jump

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