Attend: The Authentic Man by Mike Sagun


Manila, Philippines- I’ve been planning this event for weeks now with the Kumu team. Excited it’s finally coming into fruition.

It can be overwhelming to be a man. Today, there are more men than women committing suicide around the world. Men are less likely to ask for help. And men are less likely to seek mental health treatment. Why are so many men suffering in silence?

Kumu presents: Mike Sagun, a certified professional men’s coach and founder of The Authentic Man, a program that teaches men to slow down and build unshakable lives.

This evening, we will be exploring how traditional thoughts of masculinity have betrayed our sense of humanness, how opening up and connecting can foster strength, and how to reimagine what it means to be a man.

You will leave with new tools to increase connection with self and others and a new sense of strength that comes from sharing your story.

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Follow him on Kumu and Instagram: @mike.sagun

Attend: Yoga + Mediation Retreat @ La Union


#January: I’ll be leading a creative #workshop for an upcoming Yoga/meditation retreat hosted by Mari Jasmine, Nicky Daez and Corey Wills in La Union this coming Jan 22-24, 2018 ✔️
Slots are limited so please RSVP to &
Yoga, meditation, surfing (optional), a hike to the waterfalls and personal reflection. Can’t wait to start this year with you 🙏🌴🌊
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Attend: Discovery and Breakthrough 

Very proud of my brother, his amazing team, and the many lives he’s changing. I’ve really witnessed his journey from ego to service, and I feel incredible love and respect for him and his purpose. 

If anyone in Manila wants to attend here are some details with his seminars. First level is Discovery and second level is Breakthrough. 

I had the opportunity to speak with Coach Russ and Coach Bam during my last trip and I really respect them and their journey as well. We all have stories that shaped us, and listening to theirs moved me deeply. Because when you’re healed, the stories just become stories and you speak with wisdom instead of pain. I am thankful to be able to share stories with them and finally speak from a place of understanding. 

If you see them, tell them I sent you. 


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