Listen: I want you by Kings of Leon 

Last weekend my friend was playing music on her phone when a familiar song came on. Instantly my heart softened. Why did it sooth me? I couldn’t put my finger on it. I ran to the corner of the room and knelt to check what was being played and saw this.

I remember playing this song years ago when I was working in Status. The office would beam loud with my playlist, if not the music of our art director Rev. We played DJ mixes from the states or music from the bands/rappers/indie acts we were featuring or wished we could feature “one day.” Our office was our own playground, run by kids in their early to late 20s, having no sense of the media/new media landscape. What we made up and reinvented during this time still makes me smile.

But back to the present, I find it interesting that within minutes of hearing this song I already felt some sort of nostalgia- and I didn’t even remember the title. How music makes you feel things instantly, how it affects your body, and bypasses your logical mind. Powerful.

Listen: Tainted by Slum Village

Believe it or not, I used to listen to this when I was still in the Philippines. My influence was a group of music geeks from the international schools. I think of them often and the music they were trying to promote and would hate club music (haha I liked both at the time because I also rolled with a bunch of DJs.) For some reason this song came to me as I was making coffee this Sunday morning in HK.

Listen: The Dopeness Mixtape


The Dopeness, a mixtape created for my book launch based on my former radio show.

From 2009- 2010 I had a radio show in the Philippines. I’ve talked about it before briefly but I felt like, “Oh I don’t want people to think I’m living in the past and trying to hang on to those days, so I won’t talk about it on the blog.”

But the past few days has thrown me back into my former life, and I soon realised how integral that experience was in shaping me as a person. So now, I feel more comfortable to talk about it.

We had a show that talked about positivity. (What the f*ck right.) I was 21/22. And my co-host Sarah (who was maybe 27/28 at the time) and I jumped on air to talk about things like goals, happiness, and healing. (What the f*ck right.)

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