Photos: She Talks Asia x Global Mala Manila 2017

What went down last October 1 in Manila. Conversations and stories that raise consciousness.

Very proud of all the women that spoke and shared.

With gratitude,


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Photos: Next

Paris, 2010

That year, I spent two weeks in Paris to find and heal myself. I took the first photo on top of a Ferris wheel. My sister and I had no money, spent the last few coins on coffee and jumped on a free Ferris wheel ride as it rained. The second photo I took as I was walking around. 

Trips like these are the ones you look back and realise were incredibly therapeutic, and set the stage for the new chapter. I should really organise my photos better. Looking forward to the next. 

Photos: Walls

I took these a few months ago but wanted to post it up as I clean out photos in my phone. 

I really do love murals. Growing up, I would watch my sister paint murals in her high school back in Long Beach. Back in the Philippines, I would crave just to find some street art hidden around the city… Now, I like to show people from other parts of the world how the walls in Hong Kong can also look like… Yes, I roam the streets quite often just with an open eye.

Photos: Tokyo | Til Next Time

Speaking of my recent Japan trip…

Time passed too fast but at the same time, too slow. Where 15 hours could feel like only 5 minutes had gone by, and 5 minutes could feel like it’s been 15 hours…

I find it effortless and non-intimidating¬†for me to jump in and out of this realm. I needed a break from Hong Kong, and the many multiple worlds that exist within this world prove that there is always something new to discover…uncover…recover…

Til next time.

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Photos: Tech In Asia Tokyo Recap



Catching up with a few of my¬†posts today. Here’s a look at¬†our adventure in Tokyo last September, when we (The Digital Vandal) attended Tech In Asia Conference¬†(TIA). It was only Amanda and me on this trip this time unlike the other trips we’ve had for our app. We¬†had a booth on the second day of TIA, and the rest of the time was spent meeting people and attending talks.

I realised something within my own journey in tech conferences, that not only have I perfected key¬†“pitching” strategies, but I have also mastered my energy levels and can perfectly schedule the times when I’ll need caffeine. I’m like a Jedi-Master I tell ya.

But anyway, what’s not to love about Tokyo? I love getting lost here. I’ll be posting more about this trip but here’s a look at some photos from the conference after the jump.

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