Portfolio: Karina Illovska | Photographer

12 28Karina Illovska is a talented and humble photographer I met in Sydney, who captures the most beautiful images from her travels. While she also takes portraits, home and wedding photos, it is these photos that I feel really capture the “beauty of observing.”

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Portfolio: Sofia Cope | Graphic Designer

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I adore Sofia Cope‘s work. I found her, or she found me, or We found each other via Instagram. An exchange of kind words here and there, and I stumbled onto the world of a highly creative, expressive and humble talent from the Philippines.

Graphic designer, co-founder of accessories label Viva La Manika, and motivational writer for the lost, uninspired, and creatively stuck (the last part was something I just noticed about her blog.) Her words helped me jump out of a creative rut, and inspired me to be and do more–not out of ego or a desire to compete with another person, but simply to be happier.

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Portfolio: Onin Lorente | Fashion Photographer, Writer and Style Blogger


Creative-in-progress. That’s how I think of Onin Lorente from Style-Anywhere. I met Onin here in Singapore when I first moved around 2 1/2 years ago. I was so inspired by the rise of his website that I knew I had to interview him. (Here is a link to the article.)

For years now, Onin has been covering product launches, fashion shows, street style, and currently, conceptualizing and shooting more fashion editorials.

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Portfolio: Chuck Reyes | Photographer

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ziggy beauty loud 01

I’m biased when it comes to Chuck Reyes. Maybe because I’ve known him for the last ten years, or maybe because he’s always over at our apartment playing PS3. I suppose the benefit of knowing a creative more personally, and not just through Instagram, is that I get a glimpse of what he’s really working on. Despite him being rather low key on social media, his iPad is filled with amazing editorials and test shoots that make me want to brag for him.

His work as a photographer always continues to impress me. I’ve seen his eye grow the past few years, from him living in Manila to LA to now Singapore. (Here’s an article I wrote about him a few years back). He’s been on a journey that I leads him to continually sharpen his eye; His simple, yet polished style, leaves no detail to chance. Take a look and you’ll see what I mean.

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