Read: The Courage to Be Disliked

Been learning a lot about being myself and not comparing myself to people.
I used to always seek validation online especially in my 20s— which is probably why I stopped blogging because the culture became all about thirst traps, selfies and envy.
I decided to go back to it because I miss writing and I love content – so if you’re reading this welcome to my life.

Read: Kumu x Voice of The Free


One of the partnerships I’ve been working on for months finally came into fruition. I’ve been working with Voice of the Free for years now and thought it would be best to collaborate with them for Kumu, the fastest growing livestream app in the Philippines.

“Since its inception that same year, KUMU has provided Filipinos from all over the world an interactive, safe platform that prioritizes the Pinoy voice and their interests. By engaging Filipinos in relevant discussions, games, and campaigns online, the social media app has made strides in fostering welcoming and inclusive communities that are free of bullying, internet trolls, and exploitation.

Recently, the KUMU team visited the Voice of the Free shelter to forge a partnership that aims to keep livestream spaces safe and legitimize the app as a wholesome and exploitation-free platform that prioritizes authentic and pioneering content that champions Filipino creativity.”

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