Work: Banago pop-up at Lanai

Banago Founder Renee Patron @ her pop-up.

Banago is one of the first social enterprises from the Philippines that was able to build and grow an international following.

Last July, I helped them with a pop-up at Lanai (The Alley at Karriven) ✔️ Super happy watching this brand grow.

I first wrote about them in 2012 for the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Click HERE to read the article.

Work: Advice for Artists

We interviewed a ton of artists from Culture Cartel. (It was like interviews back to back for hours…)

Here’s an article about all the words of wisdom we got for aspiring artists.

Here’s a good one– “Stop thinking and start doing. The other day we were having a conversation and I was just like ‘Just ask for forgiveness instead of permission and I’d I feel better cos’ you’re doing sh*t.’

Click HERE for the full feature.

Work: PR Asia (Philippines) talk

Last November 14, I did a talk for PR Asia (Philippines.) To a group of PR executives, I spoke about the language of Gen Z and digital natives and how to connect with them.

I learned a lot while prepping for the talk– but at the same time presented two case studies on how we anchored our best practices on authenticity and community building.

It was awesome.

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Work: The Nosebleed Show on Kumu (Livestream app)

I started working with Kumu this year as their head of content, then head of partnerships and now a few other things. Sometimes when I’m not playing that role I jump on as a host for one of their livestream shows– The Nosebleed show.

For those not Filipino, I’m sure you’re wondering why it’s called that. In the Philippines, when someone speaks way too much English that it’s confusing or hard to converse with, they say “Omg Nosebleed”

So yes, expect way more English than Tagalog language, tons of pop culture news and a gameshow where you can win Php 10,000. This show is hosted by my good friend Margaux Cortez. (But above in the pic is me and baby sis Summer Sevilla stepping in as subs.)