Reflect: Lies we tell ourselves

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In my journey I’ve had discussions about several lies we’ve been telling ourselves.

I am not good enough x I am not worth loving x I am not capable x I don’t deserve good things

The self love process is a process of uncovering the lies we tell ourselves so we can live freely. It’s picked up as children with our parents, in school, in media or in society in general. Whenever something good comes up in my life and I resist it, I have to check myself and ask what subconscious lie is being activated. What good things in my life am I pushing away because of the lack of self-love?

Awareness is never ending. We bring the lie to light and we move forward, accepting all that we are meant to have.

Damn, I sound wise.

Reflect: Moving forward

Hong Kong, I love you and thank you for the profound lessons and experiences you have brought into my life. I have found a greater connection to my life through this city. It has opened me up to a new cast of characters, luxuries I never imagined existed, showed me strength I never knew I had, and provided a central and convenient base for me as I hopped around Asia. I can’t thank Hong Kong enough for giving me the opportunity and chance to grow 10 million times faster than I did in any other country.

But as I also continue my path, I feel called to be in Manila more. I have a few workshops and talks lined up for 2017 that I am curating based on my own healing journey. I feel my heart telling me it’s something I need to do. If not now, when?

With that said, to move forward we are sometimes required to move back.

Consider this the public announcement.

With love and gratitude.

Not leaving forever.

I’ll be back.

Connect the dots.

Reflect: Mind Reading


The past 5 months I have taken on a new journey of healing. Coming from an industry of making things look good and moving into an industry of making people feel good.

I have dove into understanding the root causes of emotional pain (depression, anxiety, you name it.) It wasn’t an easy process to undergo because understanding the root of a trauma means diving deep into my own shadows. The ego, of course, wants to be perfect at all costs, so the death of my own self-image was necessary to uncover deeper truths.

But once uncovered, I wonder, who can we share these truths with so safely? Now that I know myself on a deeper level, who are the people out there who can understand me with openness and understanding?

We live in a world where judgment runs rampant. Emotions are ridiculed. We judge based on social media filters, the clothing brand one wears, and even the size of one’s waistline. Everything at first glance is flooded with bias. It angers me when I see people judge other people unfairly. Underneath the facade is a story that requires your compassion. We’re all so tired of wearing the masks that shield us from pain, but actually, the masks that we think shield us actually suffocate us even more. I look back at all the multiple masks I’ve worn and I can’t even relate anymore. I don’t even recognize that girl and am finding life so much more refreshing now that I’ve removed that lie to keep up.

Which brings me back to the concept of sharing your truth. The concept of being vulnerable around your story so that you can breathe some oxygen into your deep cuts. “Know that your wounds can heal others,” was a lesson also being repeated. That by showing others what we’ve gone through, perhaps we give another person that strength to face their own shadows too.

What is life if we cannot help each other through this.

Compassion is necessary at all times my friends.

No one is a mind reader.

Stories need to be told.