Work: “I am Different” | Anti-Bullying campaign of Penshoppe

Congratulations @penshoppe @jeffbacons for thinking of this wonderful campaign. Proceeds from this t-shirt go to the anti-bullying education program for teachers in the Philippines.

My name is Victoria Herrera and I proudly support  #IamDifferent, the Anti-bullying campaign of @penshoppe. It’s okay to be different. Different is good. I AM DIFFERENT.

Be part of the movement.

📸: @erwincanlas


Photos: Think Before You Share Ph Conference

A few weeks ago I hosted my first conference ever. Thanks Mano Amiga Pilipinas and Facebook for such a great learning experience. So many kids in this country with great ideas, can’t wait to see them take off.

More photos after the jump…

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Watch: Indigo Children

Still trying to find out if I’m Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow.

But everything in this video is so “normal” to me. When I started becoming more aware of energy it’s like I spoke the language instantly. (Imagine jumping to Spain and instantly Spanish comes out of your mouth and your not sure how you even picked it up.) That’s me and this world.

But also, I love Vice media.

Photos: Erykah Badu Vs. Everythang

Sometimes I feel like we’re so damn thirsty excited for anything that makes it to our Manila shores. I mean. We’ve been waiting for Erykah Badu for 20 years! Thank you Lord I finally got to see her in my lifetime.

Music does trigger a memory. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. But still it’s our memories. A musical weave of our life experiences. The soundtrack we choose is the feelings we encode.

Shoutout to all my friends I also ran into. I grew up with you and watching her together made it feel even more sentimental.

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