Covet x Watch: Jessica Robinson Jewelry

1599691_10152175432749540_1378333025_oThis is my first Covet x Watch post. Oooh- I’m gettin wild up in this blog. 😉

Jessica Robinson is a jewelry designer, or more specifically a bench jeweler, whose ethereal designs have been featured in Vogue Italia and Vogue US, as well as seen draping high-profile celebrities. She uses mostly gold embedded with diamonds, just like the palm feather double ring featured above.

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Portfolio: Chuck Reyes | Photographer

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I’m biased when it comes to Chuck Reyes. Maybe because I’ve known him for the last ten years, or maybe because he’s always over at our apartment playing PS3. I suppose the benefit of knowing a creative more personally, and not just through Instagram, is that I get a glimpse of what he’s really working on. Despite him being rather low key on social media, his iPad is filled with amazing editorials and test shoots that make me want to brag for him.

His work as a photographer always continues to impress me. I’ve seen his eye grow the past few years, from him living in Manila to LA to now Singapore. (Here’s an article I wrote about him a few years back). He’s been on a journey that I leads him to continually sharpen his eye; His simple, yet polished style, leaves no detail to chance. Take a look and you’ll see what I mean.

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Watch: That’s What She Said | Power & Purpose

SoulPancake and Darling Magazine released a series of videos called “That’s What She Said.” The videos highlight different issues that women are going through, to create a beautifully shot, insight-rich conversation that enlightens, nurtures, and strengthens women today. This particular video talks about Power & Purpose in the workplace.

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397530_10153942572425257_272124413_nBeing raised in a family of entrepreneurs, I am not really shocked when one of them says, “Hey! I’m working on a new project.” Creating and birthing new ideas has become our passion.

While our strength does lie in the fashion and entertainment industry, what I really love is how my family is dedicated to self-development and business. We are all working through our different struggles and mistakes, but the resilience to keep on creating is a very inspiring quality that I learned from them.

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Reflect: Success is Living Happily

IMG_3246My booker, Allan, and I in the Calcarries’ Philippines office.

I get it now. I get all the lessons my agency was trying to teach me years ago.

When I was starting out, I used to believe that fame equals success. That without it, my career is worthless. The bouts of sadness after castings would haunt me, making me obsess over what could have been done better. “Don’t be so hard on yourself,” I would constantly hear. To not pressure yourself or to not compare are easier said than done, especially when the world you work in thinks that the barometer for success is based on the number of print ads/commercials you do, the followers you have, and the number of likes on your instagram post.

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Watch: How To Change The World & Live Your Purpose w/ Adam Braun

Marie Forleo is my unofficial mentor, who has this incredible talent for communicating advice for business and life issues for the next generation.

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Covet: Ivy Kirzhner Pyramid Pumps

bone-side_grande Back when I was still working in retail, I met Ivy Kirzhner during one of her business trips to Manila; she was then the designer for a shoe line the store was carrying. Fast forward to a few years later, and I see her at the Empire Hotel in New York, launching her very own line. (I then decided to interview her for Status Magazine, and trust me, her story is amazing.) Her design aesthetic is everything a goddess should wear, just like this piece from her Spring/Summer 2014 collection: The Pyramid Pump.