Photos: Guiuan, Samar

Back in May, I took a trip to Guiuan to visit Renee and talk about the plans for her 7-year anniversary.

I ended up brainstorming with her under a hut with my laptop watching the waves roll into the beach.

But apart from work, I learned more about our history in the Philippines, had deep soulful conversations with travellers/surfers about life, got to play with 5 adorable puppies, helped grocery shop for Renee’s small bar “The Goat House.”

I got to understand how the community healed and grew stronger after Typhoon Haiyan hit. Felt so much compassion for everyone I met there. I loved it and ended up extending for two more days.

Time goes by so fast with so many to-do lists. Somehow posting all of these things on this site makes me appreciate even more all these memories.

More photos after the jump. Shot on iPhone.

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Work: Banago pop-up at Lanai

Banago Founder Renee Patron @ her pop-up.

Banago is one of the first social enterprises from the Philippines that was able to build and grow an international following.

Last July, I helped them with a pop-up at Lanai (The Alley at Karriven) ✔️ Super happy watching this brand grow.

I first wrote about them in 2012 for the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Click HERE to read the article.

Attend: The Authentic Man by Mike Sagun


Manila, Philippines- I’ve been planning this event for weeks now with the Kumu team. Excited it’s finally coming into fruition.

It can be overwhelming to be a man. Today, there are more men than women committing suicide around the world. Men are less likely to ask for help. And men are less likely to seek mental health treatment. Why are so many men suffering in silence?

Kumu presents: Mike Sagun, a certified professional men’s coach and founder of The Authentic Man, a program that teaches men to slow down and build unshakable lives.

This evening, we will be exploring how traditional thoughts of masculinity have betrayed our sense of humanness, how opening up and connecting can foster strength, and how to reimagine what it means to be a man.

You will leave with new tools to increase connection with self and others and a new sense of strength that comes from sharing your story.

Learn more about Mike at
Follow him on Kumu and Instagram: @mike.sagun