Photos: In the Mountains….


Last December, I went to Benguet to participate in a shoe-giving trip with TOMS Philippines. (Photos of the shoe-giving trip will be up in another post!)

My mom and I decided to take the bus from Makati to Baguio City where we would meet the TOMS team. The road trip takes around 4-5 hours depending on the traffic (ugh) but it was quite a sweet experience chilling with my mom on a bus for that long. We haven’t really had a bonding trip like that in a while, and while I would roll my eyes and be like, “This is taking forever!” She would just say “Enjoy the adventure!” #ilovemoms

Anyway, here I decided to post some pics I took on the way to Baguio City and a few snaps of what I saw when I was #feelingartsy…

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Reflect: A New Era


Currently recovering from a week of being sick. I wanted to blog but I couldn’t think straight, so I spent the last few nights sipping on ginger tea with honey and trolling YouTube. Every now and then, my mind does need a break.

In the midst of it all, my roommates and I are packing up the house. I’ve been selling furniture, and trying to ship all our other things out. By next week, I will be out of this apartment, and a week after that, I’ll be out of Singapore. It’s an end of a phase…a cycle… an era.

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