Covet: DAMDAM Tokyo Skincare

Damdam Tokyo sent me a care package last year when I was living in Boracay. Thank you Giselle and Philippe!

You know I always love and support what my friends create. They work very hard + are very humble + are very mindful and intentional about the things they want to put out into the world. #cleanskincare

Here is a reel I made for their brand right before I ran back to the beach. 🙂 (You can still see my tan ;))

Meet: Alli Sim, Aromatherapy Artisan and Founder of Mmerci Encore

AlliAlli Sim is a modern-day beauty alchemist, tinkering with the right essential oils and natural ingredients to create heavenly skincare products that benefit the skin and psyche.Passionate about the art of aromatherapy and DIY skincare since her days in Australia, she successfully finds a gentle way to caress the body and mind.

As a writer and former beauty editor of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore, Alli has spent hours researching and testing different beauty products that helped shape her own product standards. The result of that experience is her bespoke, apothecary-style brand, Mmerci Encore, based out of Singapore. The purity of her hand-made products is subtle at first, but eventually their rich, potent aromas leave you with a deeper appreciation for your personal care rituals.

And while I always mention the importance of self-love on this blog, Alli actually creates tangible, natural products for the acts of self-love. Meet the woman who bridged these ideas and acts the right way… Meet Alli.

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