Reflect: Staying Balanced


How do you stay balanced? This week I had to ground myself even more as to not get caught up in trivial pursuits. It’s about staying conscious and moving through the motions.

A quote from Jim Rohn snapped me back into the right perspective, “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” It’s the person doing the job that matters more.

A lot of people I know have amazing careers but feel a sense of emptiness despite the accolades, or they lose their health and family relationships. So while work is fantastic, (yes, blessings) don’t forget to work on your life.

Stay balanced.

Use: Aura Cacia Chakra Roll-On Oils

Aura CaciaBooooom! Looky what I found.

I’ve been learning about Chakras now for the past year (or two?) and I find myself stumbling upon more and more resources to deepen my knowledge. Law of Attraction sent a few bottles of organic chakra roll-on oils from Aura Cacia my way.

Thanks Universe.

Covet: A Lovetuner

LoveTunerSo I’ve been giving these out like candy to all my girlfriends who I feel would get it- a Lovetuner. It’s actually not surprising to them once I explain what this is.

Because those who know me know that I have this whole metaphysical side that could jump into conversations about chakras, energy, & self-help, as fast as I could switch to Game of Thrones and hip-hop.

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