Watch: The Real Hip-Hop

A girlfriend of mine sent over this video and I was instantly moved. It’s a short documentary by Nas and The Guardian on how hip-hop affects different cultures. They cover the countries of Cambodia, Yemen, Uganda and Colombia.

I could relate so much having grown up in the Philippines (and wished Nas/The Guardian included the PH in the documentary.) Seriously, if they’ve seen what I’ve seen growing up, where a lot of inspiration and influence comes from watching people in hip-hop, and how we translate the culture within our own communities, they would be impressed.

In my country, hip-hop LIVES. xx

Watch: Jhené Aiko | Behind The Seen Documentary

It’s no secret I’ve been obsessed with Jhené Aiko this past week. I haven’t listened to an artist that wrote real lyrics in a long time. Now here’s an artist with real honesty and a deep yearning for expression and connection.

Because 99% of what we hear right now goes to the “ratchet playlist” (OK-ain’t nothing wrong with that either! Sometimes I just need to not think and zone out.) However, at times when I am searching for something meaningful in music, I’m glad to find out like an artist like Jhené exists. Watch her story in the documentary above.