Meet: Sofia Cope, Graphic Designer, Blogger, & Founder of Queencult and Viva La Manika

For some people, women who hold down a multitude of jobs at the same time (while killing it) is such a crazy concept. Gee, thanks. But from what I’ve seen the past couple of years, the limited perspectives of what one “can do” are currently being shattered. There is a surge of creative energy, and amazing next-gen tools, within the new generation that enables them to pursue whatever their hearts desire.

Sofia Cope is one of these women. The way she creates multiple platforms for her many voices renders me speechless. While I have never met her personally, we have so many mutual friends back home that it feels like she’s just that one girlfriend I’ve known forever but we never get to hang. I remember stumbling upon her Instagram feed and saying, “Damn she’s dope. I wanna work with her.” A few months later, I ended up doing a short Q&A on Sofia, and have decided to re-post it on my blog-with a few more Qs that never made it to the final cut.

Not into that Queen Bee nonsense, but more of creating with the power of a Queen… I’d like you to meet Sofia. Continue reading “Meet: Sofia Cope, Graphic Designer, Blogger, & Founder of Queencult and Viva La Manika”

Portfolio: Sofia Cope | Graphic Designer

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I adore Sofia Cope‘s work. I found her, or she found me, or We found each other via Instagram. An exchange of kind words here and there, and I stumbled onto the world of a highly creative, expressive and humble talent from the Philippines.

Graphic designer, co-founder of accessories label Viva La Manika, and motivational writer for the lost, uninspired, and creatively stuck (the last part was something I just noticed about her blog.) Her words helped me jump out of a creative rut, and inspired me to be and do more–not out of ego or a desire to compete with another person, but simply to be happier.

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