Watch: Jhené Aiko | Behind The Seen Documentary

It’s no secret I’ve been obsessed with Jhené Aiko this past week. I haven’t listened to an artist that wrote real lyrics in a long time. Now here’s an artist with real honesty and a deep yearning for expression and connection.

Because 99% of what we hear right now goes to the “ratchet playlist” (OK-ain’t nothing wrong with that either! Sometimes I just need to not think and zone out.) However, at times when I am searching for something meaningful in music, I’m glad to find out like an artist like Jhené exists. Watch her story in the documentary above.

Photos: Back to Boracay

Here is my incredibly delayed post about my trip to Boracay last month. But in reality, it feels like 5 months has passed since then because of everything I had to do.

Time has a funny was of speeding up & throwing a million changes in your face all at once. You just have to be ready to catch everything, or as much as you can handle. Jhene Aiko said it perfectly in my recent Listen post, “Life can get wild when… you’re caught in a whirlwind… lost in the world when… you’re chasing the win.” (I’ve been listening to this song a lot. It resonates somehow…)

But anyway, here are some of my photos from my Boracay trip.

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