Meet: Melissa Ladines, Global Publicist for Levi’s Women


Melissa Ladines, or who we lovingly call Melsa, is one of my favorite power women. Power- not only in the sense that she is the Global Publicist for Levi’s Women, but also because she manages to hold down her household #likeaboss.

In today’s generation, there are so many talks on how women should ‘lean in‘ at work. Melsa is a true example of not only ‘leaning’, but more of leading. She handles her integral role with ease and composure and turns multi-tasking into an art form.

But more importantly, she keeps her family, friends, and personal time close to her heart. Her attention (no matter how many people will compete for it) will always lead her back to what is most important to her.

And while she makes it look easy, she reveals everything she learned during her journey to get here. It is my pleasure to have to you meet Melsa.

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