Read: Flow Magazine

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I read pretty much everything but I really liked this: Flow Magazine, from the Netherlands.

“A magazine that takes it’s time. Celebrating creativity, imperfection, and life’s little pleasures.”

It’s a recent find of mine during my last trip to Japan. The cover got my attention because I love quotes so much. Also, my current lessons in impermanence have me swayed between emotions of attachment and detachment. Not gonna lie. It’s been difficult to learn. (Ironic when you consider the fact that I’ve been whole-heartedly living by the ideals of transience the past few years.) I suppose Flow provided a good reminder for me to stay present. Everything comes and goes. Everything well, flows.

Watch: Tavi Gevinson’s Ted Talk

For a teenager, Tavi Gevinson is wise beyond her years. Or maybe I’m just not realizing that all teenagers are now wise beyond their years. I mean, they grew up with the internet for life’s sake. With access to more information in a heartbeat, on almost any device, it’s no doubt that the next generation will be exposed to so much more (I know, a double-edged sword at times, however, but I won’t go into that for this post.)

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