Portfolio: Sofia Cope | Graphic Designer

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I adore Sofia Cope‘s work. I found her, or she found me, or We found each other via Instagram. An exchange of kind words here and there, and I stumbled onto the world of a highly creative, expressive and humble talent from the Philippines.

Graphic designer, co-founder of accessories label Viva La Manika, and motivational writer for the lost, uninspired, and creatively stuck (the last part was something I just noticed about her blog.) Her words helped me jump out of a creative rut, and inspired me to be and do more–not out of ego or a desire to compete with another person, but simply to be happier.

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Watch: How to Set Goals With Soul

Oh, I love this. I love hearing people talk about goals that put “how you want to feel,” versus what to achieve. There are so many people out there so focused on materialistic achievements but still feel like sh*t at the end of the day. Marie Forleo interviews author and speaker Danielle LaPorte on how to set goals with soul, goals that make you feel good.

Watch: How To Change The World & Live Your Purpose w/ Adam Braun

Marie Forleo is my unofficial mentor, who has this incredible talent for communicating advice for business and life issues for the next generation.

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