Watch: You Can Be Enough

So with some of the cool things happening in my life, watching my brother’s journey is definitely an inspiration for me. #whatatimetobealive

For those who aren’t acquainted with the Philippine scene, my brother came from the nightlife and entertainment background; DJing, opening clubs, streetwear stores, media and the like. After a few years in that scene, he recently transitioned to become¬†a Life Coach.

I could tell you more about his journey in later posts, but for now, I wanted to post this video by Marissa Peer. During a recent chat session with Jon, I opened up about certain feelings of limitation and block (also related to my last post) that I have been experiencing.

You know that feeling when you feel things moving in a great, higher direction in your life and you just feel… uncomfortable? Like everything is amazing and your dreams are coming true left and right, but at the back of your mind you slightly hold back. You don’t give it your all because fear starts sinking in… You wonder if this whole momentum is a fluke, and eventually you’ll f*ck up all the good things and people will call you out. So yeah, I felt that.

Jon sent me this video above to remind me pause and check myself before I wreck myself. It’s packed with pretty powerful a-ha! moments that I keep replaying over and over again. The truth is, sometimes people become uncomfortable with all the good stuff happening to them because it brings up issues of worthiness. We often feel like we don’t deserve it, but as Marissa says, “You are enough.”

Now we know loves. Now we know. If this video helped you, I encourage you to post it forward.