Listen: She Talks Asia Summer Mixer

Makes you feel good.

A few months ago, we made a Spotify playlist for our She Talks Asia Summer Mixer event.

Since then, I’ve been sharing this with our friends who play it in the background when they cook, work, and this is even played in my friends bars to get a good mood going.

I wanted to share this here in case you needed something to listen to 😉

Listen: Love Game by Eminem

What? When did this drop and where was I??? As I was casually streaming through Spotify’s hip-hop radio this morning, this started blasting. I checked to see the artist because I loved how the beat started and freaked when I found out it was Eminem and Kendrick.

I. didn’t. see. this. coming.

Sometimes just because a song didn’t hit mass appeal doesn’t mean its not a good song. I’m gonna keep my ear to the ground more often…