Meet: Bianca Araneta-Elizalde, Model, Author, & Founder of The Wholesome Table

When I was growing up in Manila, I would always see Bianca Elizalde’s face everywhere. She was one of the girls whose face was visible in every type of media: commercials, TV shows, magazines & newspapers. While I never knew her personally, I knew of her… Everyone knew of her. And that’s the difference right? Knowing “of” someone isn’t the same as really “knowing” them.

It’s only recently when I walked into her restaurant, The Wholesome Table, that I was able to know her better. Her passion for organic food, healthy living, design and wellness was something I could connect with.

As I watched her daughters hug her legs and waist non-stop while she was speaking to me, I thought to myself, “Sometimes you really get to know someone by watching how the ones they love, love them.” Watching that made me want to interview her for this blog.

Ladies & Gentlemen, meet Bianca.
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