Work: She Talks Asia’s Feel Seen Summit

I moderated a panel last women’s month for She Talks Asia entitled “The I in We: How to Have Healthy Relationships.” Since our inception of She Talks, I’ve always wanted to explore conversations on relationships. From family to romantic partners to work colleague, our daily relationship are filled with so many nuances that deserve to be explored and unpacked.

Thank you to the Panel, Dr. Michelle Alignay, Saab Magalona and Megan Young. Your openness and vulnerability in sharing your stories really helped our community. 🫶

Photos + Watch: Build Festival 2022

Since last year, I have been working with a group called Sinigang Valley, a start-up community based in the Philippines. This year, we collaborated with Esquire Philippines to mount the very first BUILD Festival.

This hybrid event lasted for 2 days (one day purely online, and the second day it was a small intimate event in Poblacion.)

We featured distinguished speakers in both the local and regional start-up scene ranging from founders, investors, the media, and other valuable members of the community.

Watch the talks for free here:

Link: Day 1

Link: Day 2