Reflect: Staying Balanced


How do you stay balanced? This week I had to ground myself even more as to not get caught up in trivial pursuits. It’s about staying conscious and moving through the motions.

A quote from Jim Rohn snapped me back into the right perspective, “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” It’s the person doing the job that matters more.

A lot of people I know have amazing careers but feel a sense of emptiness despite the accolades, or they lose their health and family relationships. So while work is fantastic, (yes, blessings) don’t forget to work on your life.

Stay balanced.

Reflect: Behind My Scene Ain’t What It Seem

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Clearly I haven’t been in a rush to post everyday. There is a delicate balance to post online and work offline. Moving into the blogging space is fun and all, but sometimes I need to remind myself that I need to focus on some real-world sh*t plus posting my work feels so uneventful.

Unlike an artist or a photographer, where their behind-the-scenes journey looks visually delicious; my work is like “Yup here’s another draft of scratch paper filled with outlines and jumbled up words for an article I’m working on.” *insert photo of messy paper.* That’s so not fair. I wish my behind-the-scenes should look like an HBO series or something.

But here’s a cool shot I took at a lunch a few days ago. My day seemed much more emo and deep than it really was. It’s all in the filters 😉

Listen x Reflect: Love Rain by Jill Scott + Nailing My Truth

Combining my Listen post into a Reflect Post because one thought led to another and another….

As I writer, I tire easily when I find myself writing in the same format over and over again. For example, a feature article or a self-help column feels like I’m just explaining things in a constricting, factual manner.

Some days I wish I could muster up the creative strength to just break the F*ck Free express and “Let the Words Flow.” I was listening to “Love Rain” by Jill Scott today and I thought, “Dayyyyym, I wish I could put words together like this.”

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Reflect: Progress, not Perfection


Well, this was fun wasn’t it? My last weekend turned out to be a surprise birthday party for me from my friends here in Singapore. I truly feel the love.

As my flight approaches (approximately 7 hours from the time I’m writing this blog post), I keep thinking about goals. Questions as you wrap up any journey are, “Did I do everything I wanted to do?,” “Did I make it?,” “Was I successful here?”

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Reflect: Time to Recharge


Decided to charge my crystals yesterday… Ask me one year ago if I ever owned any crystals/stones, I would have said no. While my mom and sisters kept theirs nearby, I just never saw the significance of it, and to be quite frank, it’s not that easy to explain to a skeptical mind. “That’s so new age-y,” I would hear. But there was something about them when I randomly walked into a shop last year, I threw out the labels and couldn’t resist buying a few. I was so drawn to them.

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