Read: A Year Of Miracles by Marianne Williamson

A Year of Miracles

You know who your great girlfriends are when they buy you books and say, “I hope this book will guide you towards many more miracles to come.” A really amazing friend gave this book, “A Year of Miracles” by Marianne Williamson during my recent birthday. I met her here in Hong Kong when I moved last year, and although it’s only been a “short” friendship from a linear point of view, I do feel that in this case, time deems irrelevant and we speak like we’ve known each other forever.

I don’t read this book linearly either. I often times just open it to a random page to see what the message is for me on that particular day. Tonight landed on Day 155, and read “Limitations do not stand before the limitlessness of God, and it is the limits to our faith, not the limits of our circumstances, that keep us from experiencing miracles.”

To continue, “Every situation provides us the chance to live with broader, more audacious hope and faith that all things are possible. God is bigger than any limited circumstance in our past; God is bigger than any limitation that the world is showing us now. Limitations exist only as a challenge to us to mature spiritually, as we realise that through the grace of God we are bigger than they are.”

I’ve been going through some synchronistic experiences that keep reminding me to take everything to the next level. In hindsight, sometimes we see that the only thing blocking us is ourselves. Time to let go of limitations and unlock the next level xxx

Work: Mark Whitwell Interview for Yogitimes


I haven’t had much time to update my blog recently as I’ve been on the move. But this is something that I wanted to share for the longest time…

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing yoga guru, author, and speaker Mark Whitwell at the recent Asia Yoga Conference in Hong Kong. It was my first assignment for Yogi Times, and I learned so much during the process of researching and writing this piece.

While I haven’t focused on writing for media as much as I used to (I’ve become more involved in my own business and catering to clients the past couple of months), I do love the fact that I can easily jump back into the craft when I am inspired.

I also feel like every time I am assigned to write something, it’s pretty relevant to what I’m supposed to learn in that phase of my life. This article pushed me to learn more about yoga, working from the heart, and connecting with myself and others. It gets pretty deep, but I hope you guys like it xxx

Click this link to read the full article

Watch: Oprah Winfrey talks with Thich Nhat Hanh Excerpt

To be loved means to be recognized as existing.” -Thich Nhat Hanh

So powerful! I’ve heard a lot about Thich Nhat Hanh but never had time to read his books or listen to his videos. This is a great intro to who this amazing individual is ❤

Read: The Awakening Course by Joe Vitale

The Awakening Course

3/26 of my #MarathonBookClub challenge done!

I just finished reading The Awakening Course by Joe Vitale. While Joe Vitale is famous for being one of the speakers featured in The Secret (a video that teaches the Law of Attraction principles) he is also a well-known author and speaker. While I was already familiar with these teachings, I still learned so much from this book, particularly from his teachings on Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono.

There is so much to say about this healing/cleansing practice, which consists of repeating the 4 phrases “I’m Sorry. Please Forgive Me. Thank You. I Love You.” I’m still wrapping my head around it as I put it into my own daily practice to clean out false beliefs or negative thoughts- coz seriously isn’t that our constant struggle?? But here is a better article that can help explain it the whole concept better. And of course, read the book 😉

Reflect: Being a Sensitive Warrior


I am deeply interested in all things spiritual, trying to further understand “What am I doing here??” and “Why!” Despite being in the industry of fashion and media, I oftentimes seek out ways where I can just really be honest with whatever goes on in my mind and heart. This search has led me to an eye-opening conversation with my friend Kerrie last year in Singapore.

If you know me- if you really, really know me- you’ll know that I love deep conversations with people I can be real with. Kerrie is the same. Our aversion to anything false is what brought us together and keeps our relationship genuine despite the distance.

I am so happy that she started her own blog to speak about empaths, sensitivity, and spirituality. I rarely give interviews that delve on these topics, but for her, I could easily open up. Here’s a side to me probably no one has ever seen in my career.

Read: The Four Agreements


The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. Several times this book would be mentioned in my life… First, I would have a cousin tell me these agreements during his coffee break in Sydney. Then I would read an interview where Giselle Bündchen mentions how this book shaped her. And lastly, I was given this audiobook right before a long plane ride. So many signs to read it right?

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