Listen: The Kumu Podcast

Yo Yo Yo

As you know, or for those of you who don’t know, I have been working with Kumu since 2018 as a part of their marketing team. This Pinoy live-streaming community has grown immensely during the pandemic (in fact my last post about this was in April 2020, and things got so busy since then I even stopped updating this blog lolol.)

Working in Kumu for the last four years has definitely stretched me mentally and emotionally. I think we can all say that working in a start-up is no easy feat, and especially working in the start-up industry in the Philippines- THAT is a whole other conversation. I will be sharing more bits and pieces about my journey in Kumu here as we go along.

But to catch everyone up to what’s been going on, I would like to direct you to listen to The Kumu Podcast above.

This was launched in August 2020, and since then has already hit Season 4. Sharing our adventures and misadventures scaling and growing in the company, our entire team is very open and honest about the journey. (No BS!) I am also very proud of Selina de Dios, the creator and host of this podcast. Selina was one of our very first interns in the marketing department and has now moved on to the strategy team. She joined our team right after she graduated college, and displays a sense of maturity, wisdom, and intelligence beyond her years.

Have fun listening 😉

PS. You might also catch my voiceovers in a few episodes. Hehe.