Work: Takashi Murakami | Geek Mythology


Last year in Tokyo, I interviewed Takashi Murakami on the day his exhibit, 500 Arhats, was to be revealed to the public. And when I say interviewed, I mean it in the sense that I threw out the list prepared questions and flowed into a present moment conversation between me, him, and his translator (she’s dope by the way.)

Takashi is a busy man after all. It was his first exhibit in Tokyo in over 10 years, and as we were walking around the Mori Art museum, he was being greeted left and right by executives and press.

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Attend: Oxygen Status Yardsale


Manila, Philippines | Does anyone remember when the Status Yardsale started as a small afternoon, pop-up sale back in Embassy Club? Sigh, my memories of growing up in Manila…

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Work: MUSE | Status Magazine


Inspired by the “Show Your Work” book I blogged about. I decided to do just that. The “Work” section will hold the things that I’ve done, whether hosting, modeling or writing (or whatever side-projects I happen to get my hands on!)

Here is a feature I wrote for Status Magazine‘s MUSE Section. The MUSE section interviews models from around the world.

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397530_10153942572425257_272124413_nBeing raised in a family of entrepreneurs, I am not really shocked when one of them says, “Hey! I’m working on a new project.” Creating and birthing new ideas has become our passion.

While our strength does lie in the fashion and entertainment industry, what I really love is how my family is dedicated to self-development and business. We are all working through our different struggles and mistakes, but the resilience to keep on creating is a very inspiring quality that I learned from them.

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