Watch: The Power Of Being Vulnerable

“Expanding my perception tonight” đŸ˜‰ Being vulnerable is a theme that keeps coming up for me a lot this month. Lately, I’ve found myself struggling with being open and just “myself.” Does anyone else feel me? Is it just one of those weeks?

For anyone out there who feels like they are going through this rut, this TED Video by Brené Brown is for you. I actually read her book Daring Greatly a few months ago, but this video is great reminder on how having the courage to let people see the real you is truly beautiful.

Read: Daring Greatly

Daring Greatly

Daring Greatly by Brené Brown is an interesting dive into the world of vulnerability. I have to admit I am still in the midst of reading this book, but I felt so moved by it that I knew I had to blog about it right away.

Because in a time when everyone wants to create an image of a cool, perfect instagram life with perfect outfits, perfect parties, and perfect desserts (Hey, I’m guilt of this as well!)- this book tears that idea apart and really asks you to peel off these layers and be yourself.

Be Vulnerable. Allow others to really see you…. and that’s some scary sh*t right there.

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