Work: Takashi Murakami | Geek Mythology


Last year in Tokyo, I interviewed Takashi Murakami on the day his exhibit, 500 Arhats, was to be revealed to the public. And when I say interviewed, I mean it in the sense that I threw out the list prepared questions and flowed into a present moment conversation between me, him, and his translator (she’s dope by the way.)

Takashi is a busy man after all. It was his first exhibit in Tokyo in over 10 years, and as we were walking around the Mori Art museum, he was being greeted left and right by executives and press.

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Listen x Reflect: Love Rain by Jill Scott + Nailing My Truth

Combining my Listen post into a Reflect Post because one thought led to another and another….

As I writer, I tire easily when I find myself writing in the same format over and over again. For example, a feature article or a self-help column feels like I’m just explaining things in a constricting, factual manner.

Some days I wish I could muster up the creative strength to just break the F*ck Free express and “Let the Words Flow.” I was listening to “Love Rain” by Jill Scott today and I thought, “Dayyyyym, I wish I could put words together like this.”

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Reflect: Father’s Day


Father’s day- one of those days that reminds me of what’s missing. It’s been 15 years since my father passed, and keeping him in my heart is always a rush of joy and sorrow at the same time. In celebration of Father’s Day, here’s an article I wrote last year on ‘How to Celebrate Father’s Day Without A Father.” Hope you like the words I shared. x

Work: MUSE | Status Magazine


Inspired by the “Show Your Work” book I blogged about. I decided to do just that. The “Work” section will hold the things that I’ve done, whether hosting, modeling or writing (or whatever side-projects I happen to get my hands on!)

Here is a feature I wrote for Status Magazine‘s MUSE Section. The MUSE section interviews models from around the world.

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Read: Unscripted

unscripted-01I gave a copy of my book out yesterday, and took a long walk down memory lane. It still feels surreal. When Sarah and I launched Unscripted at the end of 2011, I was only 24 years old. I didn’t know anything about publishing a book. While I did have writing and magazine experience, I had to rely on the clarity of our vision, on google to answer our questions, and of course, on faith to take it one step at a time.

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