Watch: That’s What She Said | Power & Purpose

SoulPancake and Darling Magazine released a series of videos called “That’s What She Said.” The videos highlight different issues that women are going through, to create a beautifully shot, insight-rich conversation that enlightens, nurtures, and strengthens women today. This particular video talks about Power & Purpose in the workplace.

I am very lucky to have been sent this video by my Singapore soul sister Emily Teng. Emily is the founder of Blessings in a Bag, a non-profit based in Singapore that provides clothing/toys/books for developing countries in Asia, and in a way I feel is the soul sister company to my Change Clothes. (I envision us doing something together real soon!)

I’ve seen Emily work on this from a part-time passion to a full-time job, jumping into growth with arms wide open. Apart from that she is an ultimate “slasher”, working as a CSR consultant, fitness trainer, and presenter.

I find it more powerful than ever to support women who are doing amazing things, and Emily is definitely someone to watch out for.

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