Attend: The Artist In You



Will be joining the roster of coaches for Sheena Vera Cruz’s Artist Development Workshop this upcoming April 14-15. Register now.


Photos: Connect @ La Union


Feeling that post-retreat #high.
This week I rolled out a new workshop on disconnection, connection and social media. (Oh you know, that thing we spend so much of our time looking at… ✌️) The online world brings such a love-hate relationship to the user- that it’s something we felt we had to bring up and take a step back from.
But most importantly, it was about #connection. Of feeling. Of moments not planned, programmed or scripted that makes you feel heard and understood.
So lovely sharing this experience with everyone in La Union this week. A big shout out to @mari_jasmn @nickydaez@willseathelight for everything you guys do. I learned a lot by watching you guys. 🙌
To the tribe that showed up, thank you for sharing your energy and stories with an open-heart 🙏
To the new friends I met along the way- you guys showed me glimpses of a lifestyle that’s possible. 🌴
And now- back to the matrix…

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Click: WanderSnap | 50 GirlBosses in Asia

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Okay, this came out forever ago but I’ve been pre-occupied with some things (like moving apartments in Manila and work!) but I’m super grateful for this article.

And to you Jen Loong- my homegirl behind this site. I love you and support you always. From the time I met you in Shanghai, to the times we grabbed coffee in Hong Kong to the dinners we have in Manila. Soul Sister always. Bless up 2018.

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Attend: Yoga + Mediation Retreat @ La Union


#January: I’ll be leading a creative #workshop for an upcoming Yoga/meditation retreat hosted by Mari Jasmine, Nicky Daez and Corey Wills in La Union this coming Jan 22-24, 2018 ✔️
Slots are limited so please RSVP to &
Yoga, meditation, surfing (optional), a hike to the waterfalls and personal reflection. Can’t wait to start this year with you 🙏🌴🌊
For more details check out:

Watch: How to Pray

I love this video by Gabby Bernstein. I saw her live in New York last year when she launched her book “The Universe has your back.” This message of alignment really resonated with me because the past few weeks, all I heard people tell me was to focus on my alignment. As you know, I trust messages from the Universe and seeing this video confirmed that.