Reflect: New Views

On Sunday, I woke up and thought, I need to move. That afternoon I ran into my realtor downstairs on the street.

Monday, I sent an e-mail to request for a change. We narrowed it down to a few spots.

Tuesday, I saw new spots.

Wednesday, I got a missed call and multiple e-mails to call them back. I didn’t have time to reply to anyone because I had deadlines to finish.

Thursday, I finally answered and was told that the new place is ready. I started packing that night and slept in the new place.

Friday, I moved more boxes out.

Saturday, I left the keys at the old place.

7 days from thought to reality.

For the record, this has never happened to me. Usually it takes weeks for things like this to shift. Transitions that I feel are important usually take longer to manifest.

But now I swear, Time is an illusion.

And, I’m getting a candle for this place this time.

Reflect: Neither/Nor

Photo of Taal Lake, Philippines. December 2015.

“I’m a good person…I’m a bad person.”

It’s things I hear people label themselves in times of defensiveness or reasoning. Finding ways to validate the actions they’ve taken. Justification. Inherent traits they hold on to as badges to explain behaviour. 

But maybe, we can drop the labels. Maybe it’s neither being good nor being bad. 

Maybe it’s just a process from hurt to healing, and the actions we take as we journey between those places.