Reflect: Wings

My friend and I were skipping around Central after we attended a talk. It was one of those light nights, where we walk with a feeling of exploration versus hurriedness. He saw the wings from the corner of his eye and said, “Hey V, lets a pic of you in front of this.”

Wings have been a major theme in my life the past few years. I’ve always loved stories of angels. I’ve always loved taking long-haul flights and being in the air. I’ve always loved the feelings of lightness, fluidity and freedom. I resonate greatly with feathers. I’ve posed in front of different movie posters or art prints of wings before- but never in front of a gorgeous, full-scale sculpture of wings. This pic felt like a metaphor for my life at the moment- golden, free, limitless.

Releasing burdens and pain from the past is so healing for me.

The artists statement beside this piece was this, “The human being who experiences the Wings is the one who has been granted use of them for life, an empowering capability that allows him or her to ex-perience the countless tongues and cultures of different societies. Those who wear the Wings are given ownership of them, a gift to imagine the endless possibilities surrounding their existence.” (Wings of Mexico by Jorge Marin)

Ready for the next flight.

Reflect: SurrenderĀ 

In this blog I constantly share what I am learning and going through. In between restructuring work and focusing on self-care, I put on my earphones, blasted my hip-hop playlist and hit the pavement to run by the bay.

I took this photo this morning during my morning jog because it reminded me of the concept of surrender. 

Surrender, not to be confused with weakness, is a type of letting go. I learned how to surrender to some higher power. I surrender to a bigger picture I cannot forsee. 

I’ve learned surrender to the purpose of what I want my life to be about. Lately I feel like it’s stronger than anything I’ve ever felt and day by day I let it guide my actions. 

I’ve learned how to surrender to feelings and not fight the waves of emotions coming to and fro. I’ve learned how to surrender to greatness. How to surrender to pain. Surrender to love.

There are many things are ego will fight against. Events that won’t make sense, feelings it refuses to feel. I can run and repeat this cycle, or I can simply surrender. 

Surrendering I repeat is not weakness but strength to me. It gives me this sense of release because I no longer try to control how things “should be” in my life. Surrender in this sense, is trust. Finally I’m learning that too. 

The morning run was amazing. It’s my new thing. 

Listen: Vivrant Thing by Q-Tip

Special Girl. Real good girl. Biggest thing in your itty bitty world….

SO- my blog can range from super emotional outbursts, existential thoughts, self-help/motivational videos, travel pics, rap videos, and spiritual lessons. 

Oh well, that’s me and that’s my life. It’s random and multifaceted. Because, I’m a human being not a brand. 

Such a Vivrant thing.