Covet: Quidel Candles


Dropped by the Woaw store (HK) a few weeks ago for an event & was able to cop my Quidel Candle

Based in LA, this hand-poured, artisan brand uses premium coconut wax while aiming to create distinct, quality scents. Quidel, which means “burning torch,” in Mapuche, is based off of the Native American belief in fire ceremonies as a ritual to welcome new energy into their life during the full moon.

However, some tribe members would have extend this ritual to have their very own fire ceremony every night after sunset. They did this in order to seek a deeper means of meditation.

The symbolism of this is something I would like to incorporate more into my own life- according to the Quidel website, “With the use of just one single flame they were showing their appreciation to everything that brings light into their lives.”

Candles are already spread all over my house, but to add a sense of ritual to it makes me appreciate their presence even more.

Also, I’m training my nose to be more educated when it comes to scents. There’s something about a good scent that can change the entire mood of the room.

You can check Quidel out over here:

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