Photos: Guiuan, Samar

Back in May, I took a trip to Guiuan to visit Renee and talk about the plans for her 7-year anniversary.

I ended up brainstorming with her under a hut with my laptop watching the waves roll into the beach.

But apart from work, I learned more about our history in the Philippines, had deep soulful conversations with travellers/surfers about life, got to play with 5 adorable puppies, helped grocery shop for Renee’s small bar “The Goat House.”

I got to understand how the community healed and grew stronger after Typhoon Haiyan hit. Felt so much compassion for everyone I met there. I loved it and ended up extending for two more days.

Time goes by so fast with so many to-do lists. Somehow posting all of these things on this site makes me appreciate even more all these memories.

More photos after the jump. Shot on iPhone.

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