Read: The Celestine Prophecy


It’s funny how a book could be on your shelf for the longest time, and you never even notice it. Until one day, it just pops out among the others and catches your attention. When I first read The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, I couldn’t put it down. Mainly because it explores ideas of energy, awareness and spirituality (topics that I love to learn about) through a tale of adventure.

Set in Peru, the main character of the story is on the search for an ancient manuscript that contains the 9 insights of life.

This book really opened my eyes to sense energy from people/places around me, or at least become more aware of the bigger picture of life–and because it was in a novel format, it didn’t feel like a lecture. 🙂

Disclaimer though, some people will love it, or some will hate it if they feel its too “woo-woo”.

But for those interested, here is PDF version of the book that you can read online. xxx

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