Explore: Green School Bali



One of the most amazing qualities of my better half: he always seeks to find new interesting projects that people are working on around the world. Because of his passion for innovation and sustainability, we decided to check out The Green School in Bali and take a tour around it’s campus.

The Green School was created by John Hardy (the same John Hardy who started the global jewelry line.) After selling his company in 2007, he started the Green School, with the aim to bring together sustainable architecture and unconventional educational practices to create a more natural and holistic way for children to learn.

I really enjoyed the vibe of this place… The buildings were made entirely out of bamboo (there were no walls) and the breezy atmosphere allowed the students to stay close to nature. There was even a vegetable garden next to every classroom to teach the kids how to grow them.

For a more concise description of The Green School, I suggest jumping to my boyfriend’s blog post on this.

Below are some photos that I took of to summarize it’s cool atmosphere 🙂

IMG_4910 IMG_4915 IMG_4928 IMG_4935 IMG_4940 IMG_4961 IMG_4969 IMG_4980


IMG_4999 IMG_5021 IMG_5041 IMG_5044 IMG_5091 IMG_5071 IMG_5100 IMG_5111 IMG_5115 IMG_5130 IMG_5132 IMG_5135 IMG_5146 IMG_5183 IMG_5202


All photos taken by me. 🙂

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