Read: Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales

book coverAngela Carter, English journalist and feminist, combines fairy tales from all around the world centered on the female protagonist– “be she clever, or brave, or good, or silly, or cruel, or sinister or awesomely unfortunate- she is center stage...”

Because Disney (God Bless their soul and my childhood though) usually portrays their female leads (aka the princesses) with the predictable need to be rescued.

Who is to say they can’t figure it out for themselves? Who is to say they can’t rescue someone else? Who is to say that maybe someone needs to be rescued from them?

The complexity of a real female character is so brilliantly preserved throughout these tales. It is a great insight into the social and cultural norms of a country at a certain time.

The decision to buy this book came when I read it’s description: “…and no dippy princesses or soppy fairies. Instead, we have pretty maids and old crones; crafty women and bad girls; enchantresses and midwives; rascal aunts and odd sisters.”

Plus points for the art by Corinna Sargood. It is just eye-petizing. 😉


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