Reflect: Behind My Scene Ain’t What It Seem

Processed with VSCOcam with b4 preset

Clearly I haven’t been in a rush to post everyday. There is a delicate balance to post online and work offline. Moving into the blogging space is fun and all, but sometimes I need to remind myself that I need to focus on some real-world sh*t plus posting my work feels so uneventful.

Unlike an artist or a photographer, where their behind-the-scenes journey looks visually delicious; my work is like “Yup here’s another draft of scratch paper filled with outlines and jumbled up words for an article I’m working on.” *insert photo of messy paper.* That’s so not fair. I wish my behind-the-scenes should look like an HBO series or something.

But here’s a cool shot I took at a lunch a few days ago. My day seemed much more emo and deep than it really was. It’s all in the filters ;)

Watch: i Origins


11:11 leads you to the right places. I liked this movie, except for the traumatizing death scene in the middle (sorry spoiler alert!). But really, everything metaphysical I’ve read was sort of woven into this plot from a scientific point of view that didn’t make it seem airy fairy.

Makes you wonder if your soul mate is already on earth and what his/her eyes look like. #Whenyouknowyouknow they say.